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Jio New All in One Plan (New IUC Plans) 2020 – 40% Tariff Increase from 6 Dec (Full Details Explained)


Jio New All in One Plan (New IUC Plans) 2020 – 40% Tariff Increase from 6 Dec (Full Details Explained)

Jio finally announced that they will increase its tariff plans by up to 40% from May 6, 2019. As we already know, Airtel & Vodafone Idea plans are also announced by the company and their plans are also increased by up to 40%. So, check it out Airtel New Plans & Vodafone Idea new Plans.

Jio New All in One Plan (New IUC Plans) 2020
Jio New All in One Plan (New IUC Plans) 2020

As we already know, Jio also launched its Jio IUC Plans in May 2019 that comes with Data + Talktime Minutes for Jio to Non- Jio users. Now the company again going to increase its tariff plan price up to 40%. These all-new plans are eligible from May 6, 2019.


JIO has announced the new IUC Packs for JIO users which will be mandatory for all the users doing a recharge after 10th May 2019. I know there are several questions arising from this new change by the telecom tyrant, and I will try to address them in this article.

I have a decade of Telecom marketing experience and used to make such plans for a living. Hopefully, I will be able to clarify most of the doubts and intricacies of these new JIO plans.

Let’s first understand IUC and its implications.

New JIO All In One Plans (and IUC Plans)
New JIO All In One Plans (and IUC Plans)

What is IUC and Why it matters?

IUC or Inter Usage Charges is the money that is paid to the terminating network by the originating network.

It sounds complicated, it is not. Let me clarify a bit. When any user, say Airtel user (originating network) calls someone on the JIO network (terminating network) there is an IUC amount that Airtel pays to JIO. Currently, it is 6 P/min earlier it was 14 paise when JIO was launched. 

Why has JIO introduced the IUC recharges?

The answer is simple, to improve profitability. If you are under the impression that there is a change made by TRAI to impose these charges, this is not entirely correct.

The IUC is the same as was in 2016, but it is essential for JIo to curtail huge outflow due to IUC.

JIO has about 64% of outgoing calls and remaining is incoming. So due to the higher outgoing JIO needs to pay more to Airtel, Vodafone-idea.  

If Trai reduces IUC to Zero, it will help JIO and JIO may pass some benefit to end customers.

What Are JIO IUC Plans?

The JIO IUC plans start at Rs. 10 and go upto Rs. 1000. The JIO IUC plans allow you to make outgoing calls on other networks (Vodafone Idea or Airtel). JIO is charging 6p/min for every minute of an outgoing call from 10th May 2019.

So an Rs. 50 IUC top-up will give you 656 minutes of outgoing calls. Similarly, a Rs. 10 IUC recharge will give you 124 minutes.

Do You Need an IUC recharge?

Notably, you don’t need to recharge for the IUC  voucher till the validity of your existing recharge is not expired. Suppose you have done an Rs. 399 recharge, that offers 84 days of validity on 5th May, so you will not need any IUC recharge till the validity is expired.

But when it expires you will have to do the IUC recharge along with the normal plan recharge (Rs. 399). If you are on the annual JIO plan, there is no need to do an IUC recharge until the validity is over.

What are the Validity and Minutes Benefit of IUC recharge?

MRP IUC Minutes Free Data (GB) Validity
10 124 1 GB N.A
20 249 2 GB N.A
50 656 5 GB N.A
100 1362 5 GB N.A
500 7012 50 GB N.A
1000 14074 100 GB N.A

You can use these minutes to call on any number of Airtel, Vodafone-Jio, BSNL or any other operator. Jio to Jio calls are free and these minutes are not used for them.

New All in One Packs from JIO

Considering that the new IUC plans were making it a bit difficult for customers to understand as there is a need to do 2 recharges. Jio has introduced new all in one packs which offer free minutes as well as data.

So if you are now doing a Jio recharge these are the best plans for you, in case you don’t want to do a separate JIO IUC recharge.

MRP Daily Data GB Total Data IUC Minutes Validity
222 2 GB per day 56 GB 1000 28 days
333 2 GB per day 112 GB 1000 56 days
444 2 GB per day 168 GB 1000 84 days
555 2 GB per day 168 GB 3000 84 days

All the above plans come with free 100 SMS/day and unlimited JIO to JIO calling. The IUC minutes are used when you call someone on other networks like Airtel or Voda-Idea.

How To Recharge Online with Jio New Plans 2020?

So, Now I am going to Tell You How to Recharge Online With Airtel New Plans 2020 Offer. You have to Visit Any Recharge Site and Enter Your details and Amount and Done. Just follow below Steps for Online Recharge of –

  • First of all, You Need a 4G Enabled Smartphone to Grab this offer.
  • Download PhonePe App
  • Register Now & Link Your Bank Account
  • Now Goto Recharge Section
  • Enter Mobile No, Operator & state
  • Make Your Final Payment
  • Done! You Will Get Cashback Upto 150 Rs On your First Recharge

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