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JioTV Web – Watch JioTV On Your PC/Laptop Online

JioTV Web – Hello Guys, today We are here with another awesome article for our visitors. Today We are going to share How to Use JioTV on Your PC/Laptop Online without Downloading Any App On your PC/Laptop. Jio Launched another Cool feature for their Users. Now All User can Enjoy JioTV App Services On their PC/Laptop Browser. You can watch any Channel Online. Keep reading this post until the end.

JioTV Web - Watch JioTV On Your Desktop/Laptop
JioTV Web – Watch JioTV On Your Desktop/Laptop

Jio Launches Web-Based Jio Services, that allow users to watch JioTV Channels On their PC/Laptop browser without downloading any App & Software. The best part is that now every user can enjoy JioTV features on their PC/Laptop. Today We shared Step by step Guide to Enjoy JioTV Web Services on their PC.

JioTV Web Version don’t need any types of app & Software for Work. Just You need to visit their official JioTV Website and Surf Your Favourite Channel without any issue. This really a great Feature launched by Jio for their Users.

Requirments to Use JioTV Web Version:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Jio Account for Login On JioTV Website

Step to Watch JioTV Web Version On Your Desktop & Laptop:

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JioTV Web FAQ –

Q: What is JioTV Web
A: JioTv Web is a web-based Live TV service which allows users to get access to TV channels comes free with JioTV subscription.

Q: What is JioTV Website
A: JioTV website is jiotv.com

Q: How many TV channels I can watch on JioTV Web
A: You can watch any Tv channels as per the Channels provided by JioTV subscription.

Q: How to Stream JioTV on Desktop or Laptop
A: Check Jiotv.com and log in using your Jio number to watch any TV channels anytime

Q: Where to download JioTV Web for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
A: No need to download any type of app to watch We based JioTV. Any system that supports Internet browser can help you to watch Jio TV channels.

Q: How to Register Jio number for JioTV
A: You can download MyJio app from PlayStore or AppStore and connect Jio number with your mail id or, open jiotv.com and register Jio number when it asks for.

Q: What is charge for JioTV Web
A: As long as you subscriber to Jio Prime plan you are ready to watch JioTV on Web browsers. No more JioTV charge will be applied for now.

Q: What is price for JioTV Web monthly subscription
A: JioTV Web version is now live but Jio users won’t be charged for getting access to JioTV Web. There are many live Tv services are available now and JioTV is going to become one of them shortly.

Q: How to Play JioTV Web on Mobile
A: You can download JioTV app on mobile to watch TV channels as long as you have Jio Prime subscription and valid 4G plan.

Q:Can I watch JioTv Web on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Aircel, RCOM Internet
A: Yes, You can as long as your Jio number has a valid subscription for JioTV, you can stream JioTV web channels using any type of Wireless & wired internet services.

Q: Can I watch JioTV Web using Local Broadband service
A: Yes you can, We’ve tested and It’s working for now.

Q: Where to download JioTV for PC
A: We’ve already told you no need to download any type of TV app to watch Jio Tv channels

Q: How to watch JioTV Live
A: Open jiotv.com > Sign into your Jio profile > Play any TV channels supported for now.

Q: Can watch 4K channels on JioTV
A: JioTv now supports few SD & HD channels. 4K Tv Channels will become live once they are available. Better switch to NetFlix – Be sure to have a Wired Broadband service with at least 30mbps speed.

Q: JioTV Web is showing ‘Website under construction’, What to do!
A: Developers seem little lazy! The website will live after few minutes.

Q: Do In need to install PC Emulator to watch JioTV
A: After JioTv Web, you can watch JioTV channels live on your Desktop, Laptop without installing any type of emulator applications – JioTv Web is fully Web Browser dependant.

Q: Do I need to Chrome, Firefox or Safari to watch JioTV
A: You can install any of them or similar browser application to watch JioTv live on PC/laptop

Q: Can I watch JioTv live on Mac system
A: Yes, You can, Open jiotv URL on Safari web browser and you are ready to watch.

Q: Can I watch JioTV on Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora, Mandriva etc.
A: Yes you can, as long as your system has a stable & latest Web browser application installed.





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