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Best Earphone under Rs 500 in India [June 2024]

Best Earphone under Rs 500 in India
Best Earphone under Rs 500 in India

Are you looking for Best Earphones under Rs 500 in India with Good bass & sound Quality? If yes, then you are in the right place. Don’t everyone want to invest in earphones above Rs 500 because of a tight budget? But this article helps you to choose the best options. It’s getting difficult to choose the best one because of the lots of brand options available. So, in this article, we help you to choose the best. So, keep reading.

We choose earphones based on sound quality, bass, features, and brand. So, we listed the top best earphones you can buy under Rs 500 in India. All these earphones are available on the Amazon website. So, you can also easily buy it from the given link. So, just you need to check it out the best budget earphones under Rs 500.

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Best Earphone under Rs 500 in India [2024]

1. boAt BassHeads 152

Boat Earphones Under 500 Rs in India

When it comes to choosing the best earphone under Rs 500 then Boat is in the first place because only the boat brand can offer the best quality sound and bass at the cheapest rate in India. So, we choose Boat BassHeads 152 on the top in this list because of this popularity and good reviews which is more than 16000+ as of now. So, if you are looking for the best option under Rs 500 then blindly go for it.

Check it out boAt BassHeads 152 features & specifications are-

  1. Good Quality cable, that makes your earphone long-lasting. 
  2. It comes with Mic as well, for calling
  3. The sound is too loud, which is good 
  4. You can use it for playing games like Pubg for a long time without any issue.
  5. It comes with metal finish earbuds.

Buy From Amazon

2. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones 

JBL Earphones under 500 Rs in India

JBL another most popular brand and JBL also known for its Quality sound and heavy bass. Its also offering amazing earphones under Rs 500 which fits your pocket easily. If your first preference to buy only JBL earphones under RS 500 then it is going to be the best deal for you. You can read more about the JBL earphone below.

Check it out JBL C50HI in-ears Headphones features & specifications below-

1. JBL is a premium brand and available at this price is just an insanely good deal for you to buy.

  1. The sound quality is just awesome with good bass quality. 
  2. Also, comes with Mic Option for calls
  3. It comes with High Fidelity Twin Cable that makes your earphone long-lasting.
  4. Overall, Good Quality product at this price.

Buy From Amazon

3. Infinity ZIP 100 by JBL 

Infinity Best Earphones under 500 Rs in India

Infinity another new brand launched by Harman audio, the company which makes a brand like JBL. So, you can expect some amazing high-quality sound at a reasonable price. Also, it comes with lots of features. Check it out below.

Check it out Infinity ZIP 100 features & specifications below-

1. These earphones offer good quality high deep bass and crystal clear sound.

2. You can also use Google Assistant/Siri via this earphone

3. It comes with tangle-free 1.2m flat cable 

4. It comes with soft earbuds which makes you feel comfortable while using it.

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4. Mi Earphones

mi earphones under 500 Rs in India

 As we already know Mi for their best performance products at the lowest price. So, today we listed Mi earphone basic which is good deal at this price. You also get crystal clear sound quality at this price. So, don’t miss it. Check it out more info below.

Check it out Mi Earphones Basic features & specifications below-

  1. You Get tangle free cable that makes you earphone long-lasting 
  2. It comes with 10mm drivers for Super Extra bass, HD clear sound.
  3. it comes with in-built mic for calling
  4. Also, you can control your play/pause, call answer and decline via your earphones buttons.
  5. For this price, it is a good deal you can buy.

Buy From Amazon

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5. Realme Earbuds

Realme Earbuds under 500 Rs

Realme India’s one of the most popular brand in mobile market. They also launched their realme buds that comes with high power bass and crystal clear audio at very low price. As we know, Realme known for this cheapest price and high performance, that’s why its comes with high quality sound with low price. Check it out more info below.

Check it out Realme Earbuds features & specifications below-

1. It come with 11mm driver that means you can enjoy extra bass as compared to any other.

2. It comes with magnet features which looks cool

3. In terms of design, Realme earbuds are just awesome option at this price.

4. Ear tips bend 45 degree for a sung wear

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6. Evidson Vibe in-Ear wired Earphones

Best Earphones under Rs 500 in India

Evidson Vibe made in India brand offers an amazing earphone that comes with really amazing sound quality with crystal clear audio and deep bass. It is the first indian brand we listed in our list. This is superb in quality. Check it out more about this earphone below.

Check it out Evidson vibe features & specifications below-

  1. Evidson Vibe is an Indian Brand  
  2. Very cool and simple in design but powerful
  3. Cable are flat to avoid tangling
  4. It is made of plastic.

Buy From Amazon

7. Sound-one earphone

Sound one Earphones

Soundone is another budget segment earphone you can prefer under Rs 500 budget. It also comes with good quality bass and audio. If you don’t like above listed earphones then you can also prefer to buy this earphone too. So, don’t forget to check it out. 

Check it out Soundone Features below-

1. Very light weight and comfortable to use

2. It comes with 10mm dynamic drivers for good bass and sound quality.

3. Stylish look

4. Inbuilt mic feature for calling

Buy From Amazon

8. SoundMagic ES11S

Soundmagic earphones under 500

SoundMagic ES11S is another best earphone you can buy under budget of Rs 500 only. In terms of sound quality, soundmagic is really an good option you can buy if your budget is tight. So, check it out more.

Check it out SoundMagic ES11S features & specifications below-

1. Comes with inbuilt mic for calling

2. It comes with really cool design that makes this earphone so special

3. This design is so comfortable in terms of design, easy to wear.

Buy From Amazon

9. Ant Audio W56

Ant Audio Earphones under 500

Ant Audio really an awesome brand in terms of sound quality and design. As you can see this model comes with an amazing design and totally different from the above mentioned design. Also, you can expect such amazing quality. For more info check it out below.

Check it out Ant Audio W56 features & specifications are-

1. If you want heavy bass, I recommended you to buy this model.

2. It comes with super cool stylish design

3. It support noise cancellation, you can’t able to hear surround voice.

4. It is good for playing games like Pubg

Buy From Amazon

10. BoAt Bassheads 225

Best Boat earphones under 500

Boat India’s one of the most popular brand where they offer best quality earphones at cheapest price. They offers premium sound quality at very reasonable rate. Check it out this amazing earphone info below.

Check it out Boat BassHead 225 features & specifications below-

1. It comes with Premium metal build

2. It has noise cancellation features

3. Best for budget friendly

4. good quality sound with average bass.

Buy From Amazon

Final Words-

Hope we help you to choose the best earphones under Rs 500 in India. If you have another suggestion please comment below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friend and family.

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